High Quality Video editing in Blurr App

4K CC high quality video on blur app it looks fantastic stunning and attractive as well hey guys I’m From Android Ultra I’m back with another video video going to be really interesting make sure what land this is the interface of the blood app alreadyreviewed on my channel basic review of this app this app will get new features with the time because this is the not full feature this is the better versionbut still it’s fantastic stick you canget much better 4K adsc equality in comparison to light motion and the capcut this rpe of interface PA click import video or material and then afterimporting the video click on effects ifyou want to improve your video qualityeven better than this one so many videosavailable on my channel regarding videoenhancer you can improve your videoquality tremendously and the firsteffect we have need to add HDR intensityat 25% exposure 85% that then again goback and click on add another Effectcalled exposure exposure 5% and thengamma1.20% and after that again we have needto add Effect called brightness contrastset contrast 30% and no need to doanything with the brightness after thatagain go back and add another Effectcalled Shadow and highlights Shadow 0%and highlight is the best in my opinionon the minus 20% again we have requiredanother fact to make it super fantasticand looks attractive saturation andVibrance click on saturation andVibrance and set on 15% saturationVibrance on 5% let me know in thecomment section what do you think aboutit now our effects work is done increasethe effects layer according to our videoduration layer and then we have requiredshape rectangular shape click on shapesand add rectangular shape and F thecomposition area and then go to blendingcontrast and then overlay set on 10% 10%is the best value you can add it or youcannot it’s up to your preference butafter adding it video looks little bitbetter increase the layer of the shapeaccording to our video if you want toincrease or decrease the saturationaccording to your preference so you cando that but 15% is the best as I saidyou earlier let me tell you how to geteven better results than this one makesure to enhance your video qualitybefore applying this effect becausewithout it your video not looks betterbut the colors and overall video looksbetter this is most easy way to do 4KDCC on blur app the video looks muchbetter in comparison to cap cut andlight motion as well make sure exportvideo in 1080P to get the best resultsthis app will provide you 30 mb persecond let me know the comment sectionwhat do you think about it this is thevideo for today subscribe like sharewith others see you soon in nextvideo

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