Video Enhancer App – 4K Quality HDR CC in Wink

Video Enhancer App

Hey guys I’m gonna share with you how video enhancer app working and which app is best for it.
CC mini color correction like a pro within few seconds on mobile so right now we have Wink App,

I’m selecting for the video enhancement, this app available on Google Play Store as well as on Apple App Store click on the video then the video uploading and processing automatically starts and video automatically download into your gallery.

Video Enhancer App

Wink is available on the
App Store as well as on the Google Play
Store this is the interface of the app
click on the editing and choose the

video which one we recycling has from
the remain here this is the interface of
the app so we have need to do CC so
first of all click on tuning and then
set a enhancement on 50 and then
contrast and saturation of your video as
well as the exposure and the light so
I’m doing according to my video so you
can do according to your video if not so
you can also follow my settings as well.

here you can see what we have need to do
don’t this is a huge difference if you
compare with the before version of the
video the other we need to my channel
make sure consider subscribe subscribe
and also share with others so right now
this is the interface of the app now
click on picture in picture and add
white background click on effects.

First Option here Pure Color click on
white background and
fill the composition area according to
your video spec ratio and now increase
the layer according to the VD duration
after that we have need to go from going
blend modes so we have need to select here
the overlay and set it to coding to 10
to 15 in my opinion this is the best value
maybe your video colors or the scene
from day to night difference here that’s
why set according to your preference but
I recommend you go only with 10 to 15
percent not go beyond this value because
if you go beyond this your video blown
out and you can also select other blend
modes to test out which one you like but
the overdose is the best one and 10 to
15 best value after that click on save
button and select the highest resolution
and the select the same FPS which one
you have in your original video.

If you don’t know how to check so I’m providing
the tool this is really helpful for
checking metadata of your video in this
way you have knowledge or information
regarding your original video FPS and
then select the same FPS at the time of
export on the Wing Cap any type of
schedule question in your mind feel free
to let me know in the comment section.

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, there isn’t a widely recognized video enhancement app specifically called “Wink” that I’m aware of. If this is a new or niche application that has been developed since then, I recommend checking the app’s official documentation or support resources for specific instructions on how to enhance video quality to 4K within the app.

If you’re looking for general advice on upscaling video to 4K quality, here are some general steps that might apply to video enhancement applications:

  1. Import Your Video:
  • Open the Wink app and import the video you want to enhance.
  1. Check Resolution Settings:
  • Ensure that your project or export settings are configured for 4K resolution. Look for options related to output resolution or project settings.
  1. Upscaling Algorithms:
  • Some video enhancement apps have specific upscaling algorithms or filters. Explore the app’s settings or enhancement options to find features related to upscaling and choose the appropriate settings for 4K.
  1. Color Correction and HDR:
  • If your goal is not only 4K but also HDR and color correction, check for specific settings or filters within the app that allow you to adjust color balance, contrast, and HDR properties.
  1. Export Settings:
  • When exporting your video, make sure to select 4K resolution in the export settings. This is crucial for maintaining the enhanced quality.
  1. Preview and Fine-Tune:
  • Preview the changes in real-time if possible and fine-tune any additional settings as needed to achieve the desired results.
  1. Save or Export:
  • Once you’re satisfied with the enhancements, save or export your video. Pay attention to the export settings to ensure the final video is in 4K quality.

Download for Iphone

Download for Android

Remember that specific steps may vary based on the features and interface of the Wink app or any other video enhancement application you are using. If you’re having trouble finding the necessary settings or if Wink operates differently from conventional video editing software, it’s advisable to refer to the app’s documentation or seek support from the app’s developers or community.

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